Stormin Rain Spirit (Rain)
(TiKha Atta Rain  x  Ziggy's Second) 

Reference Stallion Only - Sold to Leaky G Ranch

It took us a while to locate a stallion prospect that had everything that we wanted in a herd sire for our Gaited Stock Horse program.  Meet our Few Spot Appaloosa Stallion...  Stormin Rain Spirit! "Rain" is a big, beautiful 2005 registered Appaloosa. Rain measures 15.2 hands. His sire is 16.2 hands so we know Rain has the potential for a lot of height.

This beautiful stallion has been blessed with the homozygous"few spot" appaloosa pattern so he will throw the Appaloosa coat pattern 100% of the time. He has been producing very loud coloured foals. This boy has an unusually calm and amenable personality, especially for a stallion. He is fantastically friendly! Rain is registered with The Appaloosa Horse Club, Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry, Colorado Ranger Horse Assn, Sundance 500, and ICAA Foundation. 
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Sueldo TDR (Pay Day) 
(El Jeffe de Canada X Pradera de Rosa SS)

Reference Stallion only after producing over 50 foals for us he passed on in Oct 2015
This sabino stallion is wins many hearts with his wonderful disposition, largo gait, and beautiful conformation.  He is gentle in hand yet he displays raw power and brio under saddle.  His inherent strength and ground-eating stride propelled us to second place in our first attempt at endurance riding.  On level ground we have clocked this stallion at speeds in excess of 18 miles an hour in perfect gait.  

All of Sueldo's foals have proved to be strong, conformationally correct, and very versatile! This stallion has one of the best personalities I have ever dealt with and he throws it to his babies.  He also throws a lot of "chrome and great gait. His babies are very, very special! 14.2 hands. Registered with The American Paso Fino Horse Association and the Paso Fino Horse Association


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Hechicero De Silencio (Zairo)
(Silencio Quieto de Luneta x DeMarrette de Verde)

 Reference Stallion only - Sold to Cree Valley Paso Finos
Zairo is a big cremello Paso Fino stallion!  This stallion is guaranteed to put colour on your foals - palomino, buckskin, and smoky black!  This stallion stands at 15 hands. He is much bigger than your typical Paso Fino as he comes from older working lines as opposed to the smaller show lines. We have bred a few of our mares and some outside mares to Zairo and his babies look great! To date he has produced 100% palominos. Zairo's is dam is a very muscular athletic mare that excelled at both team penning and gymkhana events. Fortunately, Zairo has the same muscular build. He is muscular, strong, and athletic while still maintaining very smooth natural gait.  This stallion was specifically bred to produce smooth gaited trail horses.  Size, colour, personality and smooth gait... what more could any one ask for in a stallion? 
Zairo is registered with the Paso Fino Horse Association. 

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