"Blessed are the Brood Mares... For they shall bear the Foals"
People think of the stallion as the foundation of any breeding operation, and in a way, he is. However, it is of no value to have a fantastic stallion with out having outstanding mares to breed him too. In selecting our Paso Finos mares, we have always looked for strong, athletic horses with outstanding endurance. Our Paso Fino mares are not just beauty queens; they are all truly athletic mares that combine strength, endurance, and wonderful conformation along with their super smooth gaits. These mares are, without exception, outstanding equines!
We do not breed the 13-hand pony type Paso Finos that are so popular in today’s show ring. Our mares are full size Paso Finos that have been chosen for their older working lines - lines are known for their speed and their athletic ability as well as their smooth gait. The line we breed have proven their strength, speed, and versatility by successfully competed in gymkhana, team penning, western pleasure and endurance racing! We are proud of each and every one of our mares and we invite you to learn a bit more about them.
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Brood Mares
  DeMarrette de Verde  (Dem)
   Relamida NFR  (Prima)
   SD Cava Rosada  (Rosada)
   SD Neblina de Rosa  (Misty)
   SD Este Impresionate  (Este)
    Bandolera de Estrella  (Lera)
    Furiosa del Arco Iris  (Furiosa)
1997 Appricot Dun Paso Fino mare 
(Flint Oalks Mr. Impressive x DeMarrette de Verde)
15.2 hands
APF Registry # 3572
Reference mare only as she  has been sold
1996 Chestnut Paso Fino Mare
(Sueldo TDR x Dulce Poma)
14.2 hands
APF Registry # 3495
Reference mare only as she has been sold
1997 Sorrel Paso Fino Mare
(Flint Oaks Mr. Impressive x Gil's Star Fire)
14.3 hands
APF Registry # 3574
Reference mare only as she has been sold
1992 Strawberry Roan Mare
(Rendentor x Miel Calana)
14.3 hands
APF Registry 3422
Reference mare only as she has retired

1987 White Paso Fino Mare - Dun and Creme genes(Matusa x Relinda del Bayou)
15.1 hands
PFHA registry #  11896
Reference mare only as she has been sold
1989 Seal Brown Paso Fino Mare
(Plastro del Pasador x Felix Cumpleanos Pasador)
14.1 hands
PFHA Registry # 16431
Reference mare only as she has passed away
1997 Seal Brown Pinto Paso Fino Mare
(Andejar de Estaban x Estrella de Obispo)
14.2 hands
APF registry # 3573
Reference mare only as she has been sold
   Gil's Star Fire (Star Fire)
1987 Palomino Paso Fino Mare
(Mario Luis de Vez x Sun Fire)
14.2 hands
PFHA Registry # 12691
Reference mare only  as she has passed away