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Roo & Rusty Pup

Born February 10, 2023
W1 - Red Merle Girl
(2 blue eyes)
R2 - Redman  (Red)
$ 800
W3 - Red Merle Boy
(1 blue eye) 
W5 - Red & White Boy (Milo)
W6 - Black Tri Boy
W4 - Red & White Boy 
W7 - Black & White Girl
W2 - Blue Merle Girl
(2 blue eyes)
Willow & Rusty Pups

Born May 30, 2023
This lovely boy has a great personality he is neutered & fully vaccinated! ​Red is smart, friendly, and quite atheletic. He could be a good agility prospect, a fun  hiking companion, or a loyal farm dog. Red is at liberty all day on our farm and never leaves the property. He follows us around and is never far away. Although he has lots of energy he is happy to wait patiently while we work or to lie calmly in the house when we are inside. Red would make a good family  dog as he likes kids. He is very loyal to his people. Red is more long and lean like a collie. His build is very much like his mother Roo.