At Sundown we are committed to breeding the best gaited trail horses in the west! 

Why choose a gaited horse for you next trail partner? 
Because gaited horses make wonderful trail horses! Riding a gaiting horse is a whole lot easier than riding a trotting horse. It’s True! Gaited horses are so comfortable that you can spend all day riding and still feel like dancing when the day is done!  

Why choose a horse from Sundown for your next trail partner?
Because all of our horses are bred for conformation, and athletic ability, along with a super smooth four beat gait. When most people think of gaited horses they think of hot horses with exaggerated gaits that take a lot of energy and concentration to ride. Or, they think of a horse that needs big boots, big bits, and extensive training to make them gait. At Sundown, we are not interested in breeding that type of horse. Instead we are dedicated to producing horses that are born with a natural, smooth, four beat traveling gait. In fact, most of our horses gait when they are only a few days old! Our horses are bred so that you when you hit the trail you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the world around you!  

 At Sundown Smooth Gaited Horses, we believe in matching our sales horse to the needs
of each individual client. Let us help you find the perfect equine partner…
that special horse that you simply cannot live without!

Our farm is conveniently located one hour northeast of Edmonton Alberta, by the friendly town of Lamont. We would love to have you come and visit us. Call or e-mail to make arrangements!  We would be happy to show you our horses! 
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Try one of our smooth gaited horses and experience their unbelievable ride!

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After 20+ years of breeding, and 75+ foals we are winding down our breeding operation. Lorne and I plan to spend less time working and more time playing. We may occasionally have a horse or two for sale, so do watch our sales page. Thanks for all your support over the years. Stay in touch and we'll see you on the trails!