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Anyone who knows us knows that we love our dogs. We have always had working dogs on the farm, and have always adored the loyalty, intelligence, and work ethics of the herding breeds. Once we retired from breeding horses we found we had time on our hands that we did not know what to do with, and we missed having babies to play with every spring. 

We bought some cows, we raised a few pigs, but the human - animal interaction was just not there for us. We found we were spending more time with our dogs, and that they brought us the greatest joy. Eventually we decided we wanted to be able to bring that joy to others. So we started looking for some quality dogs that we could  use as the foundation stock for our breeding program. 

We knew we did not want to breed pure bred registered dogs; there are just too many genetic issues in too many breeds. Although we love the hybrid vigor that a cross bred brings, we did not want to deal with a mixed up of a pile of different breeds. We were looking for two very similar working dog breeds that had complementary characteristics, and would produce dogs suitable for people with active lifestyles. Also we wanted to breed working dogs that we were familiar with, and would consistently breed true to type. For us the Border-Aussie was the only designer breed that ticked all the boxes. 

Breeding the Border Collie with the Australian Shepherd produces pups that are excellent partners for people who enjoy active lifestyles that may include things like hiking, biking, agility, trail riding, herding... These dogs are super intelligent and easy to train so the possibilities are endless!

Although this was a new journey for us, we brought years of breeding knowledge with us. We know what we want to produce and are not willing to compromise. Just like when we were breeding horses, personality is the primary part of our program. Without a great personality you have nothing. That is why we look for dogs that are loyal and energetic, but have an off switch as well. We are not interested in working with neurotic hyper active dogs that cannot settle, and we don't think our clients are either.

After personality we look for conformationally correct dogs that can stand the test of time and work. Our pups come from full size dogs that are structurally sound. Our females are 40-50 lbs and our breeding male is 65 lbs. We do not have any interest in breeding toys or miniatures, and we do not believe in line breeding!

After personality and conformation, then we take colour into consideration. Why is colour important? Because simply put, we love producing pretty pups! That's why we produce red based, black based, tri-colour, and merle pups. Having a variety of colours in each litter brings us great joy. 

We hope that you feel the same way we do about quality dogs and will consider one of our pups when you are looking for your next canine companion. 

Because we believe in finding our pups the best homes possible, we will want to know about you, your home, and your lifestyle before allowing you to take one of our pups home. We want to ensure that you and your new dog will have a long and happy life together! For that reason we require all of our clients to complete our adoption application form.

Let us help you find your next best friend…
that special pup that you simply cannot live without!

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After 20+ years of breeding, and 75+ foals Sundown Paso Finos has wound down our equine breeding operation. We still have a few  horses of our own and may occasionally have one for sale, so do watch our sales page. We will also be leaving a few links to our horses pages there, just for the sheer joy of celebrating our history with the beautiful Paso Fino horse. 

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